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Damon Schearer

Iaido is an art of Japanese swordsmanship. Training is based on the study and practice of kata or forms involving drawing, cutting and re sheathing actions from a variety of seated and standing situations. The techniques have a long colourful history in Japan and have been developed and refined over hundreds of years. 

Jodo, or the way of the stick, is the Japanese art of using a 4 foot wooden staff or Jo, to combat a opponent using a sword.

Damon initially commenced training in aid in 1996 under the private guidance of Greg Mapstone in Ipswich, Queensland and then later transitioned to iaido training in 1999 under the instruction of David old at the Brisbane Wiki Kai. In 2000 he took up the study of jodo, Aldo under David Kolb.

Through David Kolb, he has advanced his study of All Japan Kendo Renmei Seitei aid and jodo, Must Jikiden Eishin Ryou iaido and Shindo Muso Ryu jodo.

In 2004 he travelled to Japan for the first time where he was fortunate to be able to train in aid with Obayashi Tadashi Sensei, 8th dan Kiyoshi, of the Dai Ken Kyo aid club in Osaka, and privately in jodo with Nagayama Sensei and attend NKR Miyagi Prefecture iaido and jodo seminars.

Modern iaido is based upon ancient techniques that allowed Japanese warriors from the feudal period to be able to defend themselves by quickly drawing their swords and cutting down adversaries in the event of an unsuspected attack.