Nakasendo - Magome Post Town

Magome post-town on the 43rd station on the Nakasendo Way. Learn more about this picturesque station located in the Kiso Valley, on this beautifully preserved section of the this historic highway with the best examples of post towns on the Nakasendo trail. This post town appeared in Joanne Lumly's broadcast visit to Japan.

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Japanese Castle Towns on the Nakasendo

Joukamachi (literally “towns below castles”) were established around castles, particularly those that served as a daimyo’s (prefectural lord) political power base in the various han (or domains) that Japan was divided into during the Edo Period (1600 – 1868). 

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Nakasendo - Tsumago Post Town

Tsumago post-town - where locals stopped time. Stay on traditional hatago and enjoy the delicious local cuisine. The 46th station on the Nakasendo, find out about this picturesque post town located on this beautifully preserved section of the historic highway - the Kisoji

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